Thursday, February 3, 2011

Genes Cause Nicotine Addiction

Researchers have identified a gene called CHRNA5. This gene is a major source of nicotine cause can not be forgotten by the brain. The findings open opportunities to the development of anti-smoking drug.
For information, tobacco kills 5 million people every year and a factor 1 in 10 adult deaths, with 90 percent of the deaths were linked to lung cancer. 

CHRNA5 itself is a gene that controls a receptor, a driveway on the surface of brain cells, which also served to respond to the presence of nicotine molecule. 

If the normal human brain, the intake of nicotine in small doses though will trigger the receptor sends a message stating "stop eating these things" in the brain. 

"The dose makes the brain release a greater sense of disgust, such as the body to consume food or drink that tastes bad," said Paul Kenny, head of the team of researchers from the Scripps Research Institute, Florida, United States, as quoted from MedIndia, February 1, 2011. 

When tested in mice, the effect is different if a small portion of the receptor subunits, named alpha5, removed. "The message of rejection is never sent to the brain. Finally, can not stop eating rat poison given to him, "said Kenny. 

Researchers believe a similar scenario occurs in a number of human beings. From the scan further, researchers also have identified genetic changes that cause alpha5 does not work. 

"About 30 to 35 percent of the population in the United States is estimated to have one of the forms of a gene that encourages CHRNA5 nicotine addiction becomes uncontrollable," said Kenny. 

Kenny mentioned, the data obtained explain the reasons why individuals who have genetic variations that have a high tendency to develop a pattern of addiction to tobacco.

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Nicotine Addiction

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