Sunday, July 31, 2011

GMU Create Special Shoes Diabetes

Diabetics have an increased risk by 29 times the exposure diabetic ulcers, wound complications smell on the skin surface. It happened partly because of the use of inappropriate footwear, which contributed 99.9% of diabetic ulcers.
This fact encouraged four students of the University of Gajah Mada Vivi Leona Amelia (Nursing), Erlisa Diah Pertiwi (Statistics), Ade Oktiyanto Saputro (Industrial Engineering), and Arini Giska Safitri (Nutritional Health) to create shoes for diabetics.

According Arini, diabetics do not realize the event of injury to the foot because of neuropathy, the nerves can not feel the pain that occurs in that section. "Therefore, it is very important for diabetics to use footwear that is able to protect in order not to hurt or widen the wound is not felt," Arini said, quoted from the GMU website, July 28, 2011.

Shoes that are developed by Arini et al is designed to prevent injury or the addition of diabetic foot wounds. Shoes are made using materials that are combined to be comfortable and suitable for people with foot conditions.

The basic ingredients of shoes using cow and goat leather. This material was used because it matches the patient's feet humidity conditions that should not be too moist so as not to cause bacteria and infection and a bad odor.

In addition to using the skin, they added merimes, a type of foam fabric, on the inside to reduce friction feet with shoes to minimize the occurrence of blisters.

Unlike shoes in general are on the market, shoes made of four students has a different size between the right leg and left foot, depending on the condition of the feet of diabetics.

Before made, first patient's feet measured in accordance with ergonomic foot, analyzed the situation if injured, swollen, or allergies. Having obtained a result, the new set size, model, and the leather according to condition the patient's leg.

"Shoes are sold in the market most of the size of the left foot and right together, but people with diabetes who have ulcers the size of the legs can be different because of swelling. The use of footwear that does not match the size of the feet can aggravate existing injuries. Our shoes are made in accordance with the size of the diabetic foot. This has been one of the hallmarks of our products, "claims the 2009 student generation.

Arini added, diabetic shoes are marketed in three categories, namely for normal foot that has not been injured, to have swollen legs or no injuries, and for the leg that has been amputated. As for models, they offer two types.

The first type for people with legs that are still normal and who have suffered injury or swelling in the legs. Furthermore, the second type to foot amputation. In this model, Arini added, tape fasteners on top for added user comfort.

Two designs were created to facilitate users in the use of shoes because the foot can be directly entered without having to be scratched. Meanwhile, in the middle there are air holes for ventilation so that the feet are not hot and humid. "We also use adhesive that can be tailored to the size of the user's legs so that when the legs were swollen, they can use the shoes to loosen the adhesive.

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