Friday, November 25, 2011

Showcased Genius Einstein's brain

Are you curious about how the brain forms the genius of Albert Einstein? Please fly to Philadelphia. There, 46 pieces of the brain of the inventor of the Theory of Relativity was first exhibited.
Einstein's brain on display at the Mutter Museum of Philadelphia and the Library History of Medicine. According to museum curator, Anna Dhody, these pieces will be shown during the nine days. Visitors can see 45 pieces of brain and an enlarged one piece under the lens.

"He (Einstein) is a unique individual. Has the organ most associated with the intelligence of this great man, is an extraordinary opportunity," said Dody told LiveScience.

Einstein's brain slices underwent a long, strange trip since Einstein's death in 1955 at the age of 76 years. This strange tale begins when a pathologist, Thomas Harvey, removed the physicist's brain according to the autopsy procedure. Somehow, he failed to put the brain back to the place of origin.

To the public, Einstein's son Harvey later claimed had given him permission to take the brain of the scientist. However, Einstein's family denies this claim.

Harvey then lost his job due to this scandal Einstein's brain. But, she still keep Einstein's brain. Over the years Harvey would like to send this brain to a neurologist to examine and understand whether there are specific brain structures that made Einstein so brilliantly.

Dhody tells Harvey then never do anything in Philadelphia and enlisted the help of a skilled technician who can slice the brain. "All brain slices (Einstein) is done in Philadelphia."

As the sense of 'thank you' to the expert pathological Philadelphia, William Ehrich, which gives loans lab, Harvey gave him a box of 46 super-thin slices of Einstein's brain. Size of brain slices is only 20-50 microns. For comparison, the diameter of a human hair is about 100 microns.

When Ehrich died in 1967, his widow gave the pieces of this brain to a local doctor, Allen Steinberg who then forwards again to Lucy Rorke-Adams, a senior neurologist at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

More recently, Rorke-Adams decided to give the brain slices to the Mutter Museum which is managed College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

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wow...nice article...,,,if only every man has the brain power like him !!!

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nice post gan.....

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I like albert einstein

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