Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Two-Headed Albino Snake Startle U.S. scientists

The possibility of two-headed snake or bicephalic is 1:10,000, but a Honduran milk snake rare albino two-headed hatched in the United States.
 Initially, the staff of a conservation group, Sunshine serpents incubating seven eggs milk snake, but when the eggs hatch, they were shocked. Because, there are nine heads that appear. One egg contains the twin snakes, while the other egg contains a snake, but with two heads.

"At first I could not believe what we see," said the owner of Sunshine serpents, as well as a biologist at the University of Central Florida, Daniel Parker, as published the Daily Mail, Wednesday, November 2, 2011.

He explained, the term "albino" which means white man, in contrast to the snake. "The snake, an albino means the lack of dark pigment," he said.

Parker said, noting the data, two-headed snake can live to 20 years in captivity. Meanwhile, in the wild they are more severe challenges. With two brains to rule one body, - sometimes even command it to come together - not venomous snake could not have survived and longevity.

Honduran milk snake is the origin, according to the assumption some people, feed by sucking the milk from the cow. However, according to Parker, it's a myth.

Their habitat in barns - because they like the cold and dark environment, may be the background of all this misunderstanding.

Their food was not much different from other snakes, insects, lizards, birds, and small mammals.

Two-headed creature who could also make a scene is the African tortoise who was born in Slovakia. The tortoise had two names, Magda - to head to the left, and Lenka right. The tortoise has five legs.

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16 comment:

SUCEN said...

I this two tail snake

bang huda said...

odd animal.. but amazing

Myrna said...

Uncanny animal, i'm scared :(

souvenir tasbih cantik said...

ihhhh,...I don't like snakes

obat alami nyeri sendi said...

it's an exotic snake...

neon box said...

wow...the greatest albino..

huruf timbul said...

great posting bro.. thanks a lot

xamthone plus said...

woow the amazing picture...

cara mengatasi susah tidur said...

sangat menakutkan juga....

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