Wednesday, December 1, 2010

U.S. Request for China irreconcilable war korea

White House on Tuesday, said China was responsible for urging North Korea and expects the growth of international diplomacy aims to defuse rising tensions in the coming days. "I think China has the duty and responsibility to do great on North Korea's insistence that the behavior of their war must end," said White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, told reporters. 

"And I think, you all want to see progress on multilateral discussions about this issue in the coming days," Gibbs said. Gibbs did not explain further, but diplomats said, the envoys of South Korea and Japan seem to be going to Washington next week to discuss with the United States regarding North Korea's tensions. 

China, Sunday, proposing an emergency session of six-party talks about North Korea. However, the U.S. and Japan rejected the idea, and said the talks useless without a hint of progress from Pyongyang. 

North Korea, Tuesday, to boast that it has run thousands of nuclear centrifuges, a week after killing four people in an attack against one of its first civilian areas of South Korea since the 1950-1953 Korean War. 

"We remain committed to maintaining public safety our allies in the Republic of Korea," said Gibbs, referring to South Korea's official name. 

China is a major economic and diplomatic supporter of North Korea is poor, which has challenged the world with two nuclear weapons tests since 2006. But sensitive U.S. documents released Monday by the site WikiLeaks said, China's own dubious influence on Pyongyang and it seems increasingly likely to accept North Korea absorbed by South Korea's democratic state.

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