Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First Man Comes from Israel?

Israeli archaeologists claim to have found evidence of early modern human existence. If this is true, then it will change history, as well as theories about human origins. 
Tel Aviv University team that excavated a cave in central Israel, claimed to have found 400,000 years old human tooth - fits with the remains of Homo sapiens found another in Israel.
"It's very exciting to reach this conclusion," said Avi Gopher archaeologist, whose team examined the teeth of the ancient use of X-rays and CT scans. 

However, he added, further research is needed to strengthen the claim, is. If it is proven, "it will change the picture of evolution." 

Currently, the accepted scientific theory is that Homo sapiens originated in Africa and migrated out from the black continent. Gopher said, if the fossil is related to the ancestors of modern humans, it could mean that modern humans originated from the area now called Israel. 

Qesem prehistoric cave discovered in 2000, and excavation began in 2004. Israeli researchers, Gopher, Ran Barkai and Hershkowitz published their study in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. 

Meanwhile, prehistoric experts from Cambridge University, Sir Paul Mellars says the findings obtained from Israel can be trusted and important - especially the discovery of fossils from this period include rare. However, it is still premature to say that what is found in Israel is correct, human fossils.

Based on the theory developed at this time, modern humans and Neanderthals were descended from a common ancestor that lived in Africa about 700,000 years ago. 

One group was derived from a common ancestor and then migrated to Europe and evolved into the later extinct Neanderthal species. Another group of stay in Africa and evolved into Homo sapiens - modern man. 

Explained Mellars, teeth often become a reliable indicator in the field of archeology. He believes the team in Israel will find the skull and bones if they do dig deeper.

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