Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jewish Myth and History Behind the Virus Stuxnet

Iran has admitted approximately Stuxnet virus causing the damage at its nuclear facilities. This was conveyed by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at a news conference.Behind the virus, there are things that are said to be linked with myth and Jewish history. Here are some facts and allegations surrounding Stuxnet revealed by antivirus researcher at F-Secure.

1. Myrtus

Relations with Israel: Myrtus, a myrtle plant, is one of the plants mentioned in the Jewish tradition. This plant is one of the four sacred plants in the banquet dining Sukkot.
Myrtle, with a pleasant aroma but a bad taste, represent those who have good deeds, although not study Torah. Hadass, leafy twigs of this plant, also used in certain rituals, ranging from marriage to religious ceremony.

In Stuxnet: antivirus researchers find words associated with the virus Stuxnet Myrtus. However, Myrtus not hidden in the code of the virus authors.
According to F-Secure, Myrtus are artifacts remaining in the program after being compiled. In essence, this artifact shows the location of a folder on your computer hard drive that is used to make this virus.

Precisely, that folder is: \ myrtus \ src \ objfre_w2k_x86 \ i386 \ guava.pdb.

Alternative: But F-Secure does not necessarily acknowledge Myrtus as a reference to Jewish tradition or mythology. According to them, said it could have been referring to the My RTUs.
RTU in My RTUs is an acronym for Remote Terminal Unit. This term is commonly used in the system at the factory.

2. 19790509
Relations with Israel: 19790509 Series figures indicate year, month and date in accordance with international standards ISO 8601. That is, series of numbers that refer to the May 9, 1979.
What's on that date? In Iran, on the date it is the execution time of the death penalty for a man named Habib Elghanian.

Elghanian is an Iranian businessman who are Jewish. Before the revolution, Elghanian is a respected and successful figures.

He is the owner of the largest and most sophisticated plastics factory in Iran in his time (the 1950s). After the revolution, Elghanian referred to as a Israeli spy and sentenced to death.

Elghanian allegedly contributed substantial funds for the government of Israel and, in particular, the Israeli army. By penuntutnya, he was considered to share responsibility for the attack on Palestine.

Execution Elghanian significant effect in Iran. He was the first Jewish religious Iranians who were executed after the revolution.

After the execution, about 100,000 Jews in Iran do a mass exodus left the country.

In Stuxnet: Series number, 19790509, is a trait that is used Stuxnet when infecting a computer system.
Figures had been left by the virus in the Registry in Windows operating system that has been infected. Use a marker that is to prevent recurrent infections Stuxnet perform to the same machine.

Alternative: You can just sequence of numbers that are random numbers compiled by the virus. Coincidence that figure refers to a specific date.
The existence of two facts above should not be viewed as evidence of Israeli involvement in making the virus Stuxnet. So far no one has been able to determine who actually makes Stuxnet.

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