Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Saudi Arabia Bird Capture Israeli spies

Saudi Arabian officials catch bird Nasar, vultures on charges of spying for Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad.
In the body of birds captured was fitted with a GPS transmitter and a label bearing the code R65 from the University of Tel Aviv. The bird went into the rural areas of Saudi Arabia a few weeks ago.

The locals suspect was part of a Zionist plot, or at least intelligence missions carried that bald-headed bird.

Newspapers Saudi Arabia, al-Weeam is the first time that contain the incident. Bird carcasses were mentioned landed near the home of a sheikh in Hayel community. Newspaper articles that call, the stench out of the mouth of the bird.

Meanwhile, local Israeli newspaper, Ma'ariv reported that bird discovery has created mass hysteria in the Arab countries - about the growth of Israeli military power.

Israeli officials claimed the bird was innocent. GPS and the label code is part of the study of migration patterns of bird carcass.

The incident comes just weeks after an official report about the shark that attacked Egyptian tourists in the waters of Sharm el Sheikh is also related to Israeli intelligence activities.

The use of birds in intelligence activities has long been known. First, confidential information written on a piece of paper attached at the foot of Pigeon. October 2008, Iranian security forces arrested two suspected spy Pigeon Natanz - the location of the headquarters of Iran's uranium enrichment.

Animals were fitted with steel rings and small appliances are difficult to be seen by the normal eye. May 2010 ago, Indian officials do the same thing. A pigeon who arrested suspected to be spies archenemy India, Pakistan.

Strategic role of birds also inspired the United States Department of Defense headquarters, the Pentagon, to produce nano aerial vehicle type vehicles (NAV), sized mini that can fly. His job, spying on the enemy in urban areas.

Tool is equipped with sophisticated sensors that would resemble a bird or Hummingbird Hummingbird, the world's smallest bird species that can weigh only 1.8 grams.

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