Saturday, January 8, 2011

Estonia Mobilizing Citizens for Cyber War

Estonia is currently recruiting a group of experts in the field of computers to defend against cyber warfare. 

About four years ago, in May 2007, Estonia was hit by cyber attack allegedly launched by Russia. It was triggered by the Estonian government's decision to move the graves Talinn which is a relic of the Soviet Union government. 

In fact, Estonia is one of the countries most dependent on technology, with 80 percent of the population do online banking activity. 

After several years passed, Estonia mobilize an organization called the Cyber Defense League, which consists of volunteers whose members include programmers, computer experts, and software engineer. 

"This league contains the specialists in the field of cyber defense work in the private sector and various government agencies," said Estonian Defense Minister Jaak Aaviksoo, quoted from the site dailymail. 
Compactness involving various groups in Estonia are, apparently triggered by some experience of that country was occupied by another country by the Soviet army in 1939, by Germany in 1931, and the Soviet Union until 1991, when Estonia declared split. 

According Aaviksoo, the organization regularly meets on the weekend to discuss preparations against possible cyber attacks. Estonia is now the only democratic country that has this kind of cyber defense force. 
Officials in Estonia itself positioned cyber threats as very serious, to the extent that they think to make the draft regulations to ensure that every computer experts in the country they are quite prepared to face the emergency of cyber attacks.

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