Friday, January 7, 2011

North Pole Shift, Platform for Airport Changed

Earth's magnetic pole shift lately turned out to greatly affect air navigation.

Recently, the international airport in Tampa, Florida was forced to adjust their runwaytrack, thanks to a shift in the earth's north poleThis adjustment is made for information that became the benchmark for the pilotswhile flying and landing the aircraft was not wrong and lead to accidents"Earth's magnetic pole shift, they are constantly moving and when pilots toward the runway they were using a compass so we must adapt," said Director of OperationsTampa International Airport, Robert Burr, as quoted from the site dailymailTherefore, Florida Tampa airport has closed its main runway track until January 13next and change the path to revamping the plane taxisLine runway east and east-west will also be closed later this month to convert the signals to fit the magnetic changes that occur.

North Pole itself is located on Ellesmere Island, Northern Canada, which is located 3500 miles from Tampa international airport. Changes in Earth's magnetic field induced by the Earth's core conditions cause the north pole shifted towards Russia. 

This pole shift is most dramatic shift in this century. Pole has shifted to the northeast about 9 miles per year in 1904. 

However, since 2007 the earth's poles to shift more rapidly, ie in the direction of Siberia at least with the speed of 35 miles per year.

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