Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The animal instinct So Early Warning System

North Korea advised their citizens to use their pet as an early warning system for natural disasters earthquakes. The announcement comes after the earthquake and the tsunami that devastated Japan.
Natural disasters that hit Japan's enough to give lessons. Governments around the world are now focused on creating an early warning system the most effective way to protect citizens from the worst natural disaster. 

As is known, the earthquake and giant waves that occurred last March 11 in Japan has been consuming more than 18,000 people dead. 

Although the government in Pyongyang has been socialized for the technology related to citizens, permanent state media urging people to keep pets. Strange behavior pet will become an early warning system which is relatively accurate. 

Rodong Sinmun newspaper the Sunday edition, the newspaper owned by Juche republic or a single party in power in the communist country, warned that all citizens must be vigilant if they see dogs incessant barking.
Another sign is when the cow refused to eat, or a horse that continues to spin. Instincts of animals is considered North Korean government is more accurate than other early warning systems. 

Evidence of the reliability of animal behavior in predicting earthquakes is worth considering. This was proven on a large tsunami of about 7 years ago. National Geographic reported that while the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004, many species that survived because they managed to escape before the disaster. 

At that time, reported by, the elephant suddenly ran to higher ground, the dog refused to come out of the room, and the heron was willing to leave the lowlands where they usually breed for the sake of safety. 

"The belief that wild animals have a sixth sense, perhaps even before humans existed, have existed since thousands of centuries ago," says the magazine. Suspected low-frequency electromagnetic signals from the bowels of the earth can be captured by the animal to behave unusually before the earthquake occurred. 

In addition to relying on sensitivity of a pet, keep the Korean TV station broadcast a series of courses on how to anticipate the disaster. The program in detail will explain start siren and emergency bell sounded, and urged people to move into open space, like a city park, until the situation is conducive.

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