Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Companion Teacher, Mathematics Teacher Community Site

Mathematics subjects recognized is still a scourge for some students at the school. To that end, various ways have been taken so that students can further deepen the spirit of the science lesson.
It is also captured by Telkomsel. How, they launched a program for community teachers. In this program, the teachers provided a forum where they can interact with fellow other teachers online and packaged in a more interesting.

"In, teachers can discuss issues about the development or the latest in the world of teaching and learning mathematics," said Joni Siswadi, Vice Prsident Telkomsel's Corporate Secretary, in his statement, March 14, 2011.

At the site, Joni said, after registering and logging in, teachers can also share about how to explain the calculation or solving various problems, or share about the latest in the field of mathematics.

"The reason we chose to provide facilities to teachers is that they are multipliers in the dissemination of ICT to a wider audience, especially for the younger generation the future," he 

If teachers are already familiar and comfortable in using ICT, especially in teaching mathematics, Joni said, students are expected to be more interested in studying.

Today, Joni said, there are already around 1,500 teachers who join and interact. "While it's new to the subjects of mathematics, but in the future there will also modules for other subjects," he said.

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