Sunday, March 13, 2011

Human differences with the chimp

DNA changes have produced an enormous impact on human evolution. From the latest findings, published in the journal Nature, researchers reveal not only what humans acquired during evolution, but also explain what loss is experienced. 

From the study, the loss of DNA is one of the millions of reasons why humans differ from primates closest to the chimpanzee.

As is known, the human and chimpanzee genomes have 96 percent similarity. However, with the passage of evolution, there is DNA that is no longer found in humans but remain in the chimpanzee.

One is the DNA that serves to regenerate bone in the human male penis. However, the loss of this DNA has a positive impact that the growing size of the human brain. Then, what is the reason that makes the bones in the human penis evolved to disappear?

"In primate species with a penis bone, females tend to mate with many males," said David Kingsley, a researcher from Stanford University, as quoted by LiveScience, March 11, 2011. "The bones in the penis to function for a penis capable of draining the sperm of other males that already exist in the vagina," he said.

Thus, Kingsley said, the male's sperm that will fertilize the female egg cell.

"The loss of bone in the male penis can also be seen in another species that evolved toward the life of monogamy," says Kingsley. "So, with more people living with a partner and conduct reproductive monogamy, the penis no longer has a function to deplete his female reproductive organs," he said.

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