Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tigerfish, Fish Wild African Origin

If the South Americans had a piranha, Africa had a similar fish that is tigerfish. Although coming from very different species, both fish are known to be very ferocious when chasing prey. 

But unlike the piranha, tigerfish has 32 teeth which are rarely composed of interlocking between the teeth on the bottom and muscular body that is designed to move quickly. 

Uniquely, this fish has a bag filled with air in the body that serves as a sound receiver. These tools transmit vibrations from the water to allow tigerfish detect the existence of animals in the 

vicinity and take appropriate action.

A group of tigerfish can catch the animal with any size, including land animals that get too close on the riverbank. Tigerfish adults generally hunt in small groups, consisting of 4-5 fish tail, but quite dangerous. As an illustration, one can catch prey tigerfish tail that has a size of his own body.

Angler Jeremy Wade, a professional angler from England is one of the few people who managed to catch the fish. He managed to beat tigerfish measuring 5 feet long or about 1.5 meters weighs 45Kg after trying to arrest him for 8 days.

"This fish is very rare and hard to catch because he lived in a very remote area and difficult to reach," said Wade, as quoted from the River Monsters, March 29, 2011. "There are no guides or lodging in the area around where these fish live in the river Congo," he said.

Wade said the fish is also very dangerous to be caught. "If you're not careful, he can easily take off your finger or even worse," he said.

When the food is rarely encountered and competition for prey is very heavy, tigerfish can also 
 perform cannibalism. According to research, this is common, especially in the dry season.

This fish is also known to attack humans. Tigerfish attacks can be deadly because of its sharp teeth and a very aggressive hunting tactics.

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