Monday, October 11, 2010

Google Car

Google made a surprise by developing automated steering car technology. Yes, the Internet giant announced they had tested a car that can walk alone on the streets of California, the United States.
Quoted from the BBC, Sunday (10/10/2010), the car is equipped with a video camera on the roof, radar and laser sensors to determine the condition of traffic around. Types of modified cars that Google is a Toyota Prius.

Because it is still in testing phase, this car still has a trained driver.So if at any time there is a problem in the automatic steering, the driver would take over control of the vehicle.

Google hopes, this car will be able to help suppress the number of accidents on the roads. So far, already 140 thousand miles distance of its path in the test phase, among others, on the streets of San Francisco.

Researcher Google software, Sebastian Thrun, stated that safety is a top priority in this trial. Therefore, the route is carefully designed vehicle before traversed by car. Police were also observed in case problems occur.

"We believe this technology has the potential to reduce accidents by half. The project is still experimental, but will describe what kind of transportation in the future," says Thurn.

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