Wednesday, October 6, 2010

things that had been unknown and classified on Facebook

Here are the things or facts about facebook is probably far we do not know. Not many media that inform these facts. As impressed "confidential". Just fair So many of us who do not know. Want to know what's that? Jump listened aja yes, sir!

-At first, facebook is almost closed down by lawsuits. ConnectU, claiming competitor facebook Mark Zuckerberg (founder of facebook) stole their idea for facebook. This issue is eventually settled out of court with the agreement were not disclosed. 

-At present, about 400 million people "login" to facebook them at least once a month.50% of them every day even login to facebook. 

-Up is an international sensation, 70% of users live outside the United States, while Facebook itself has more than 70 language options. -Investment $ 500,000 from Peter Thiel, co-founder paypai who helped launch facebook.
-Half of the population of Denmark has a facebook account is active. (Approximately 2,421,380 persons from 5,484,723 total population)
-Up website traffic ranks second largest, after google in the first place. youtube in position 3, while ranked 11th twitter, and myspace on the order of 19.
-In 2006, Yahoo had offered to Zuckerberg, $ 1 Million to facebook share but was rejected. In 2009, facebook is priced at $ 4 million, while today is estimated to cost about $ 7.9 - $ 11 million.

Michael Jackson-Pages on facebook was first on the most visited. In the second sequence, Homer Simpson, his own facebook page at number 3, then Barack Obama in the position of the 4th and Starbucks Coffee in the order of 5.
-The total amount of the monthly time has been spent on all of facebook users are: 8.3 billion hours. 

-Total active application on facebook over 550,000 applications and growing every day. Average user-facebook has 130 friends. Content on facebook-users such as photos and video can be saved by other users although users who have been content to disable or even inactive. 
-In Australia, facebook has been entered in the court system of that country.Notification of court may be served through facebook. Calls through Facebook is considered legally binding. 
-Up to make money through advertising. Their income in 2007 = $ 150 million, 2008 = $ 300 million, 2009 = $ 600-700 million, and the target year 2010 is 1 billion dollars.
Facebook-application ranked first as the trends in social networking in 2009 to defeat the issue of swine flu at number 3, Lady Gaga in the order of 12, even religious issues ranked 14.

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