Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Registering Site to Search Engines

One more value of a website is listed on popular search engines so easy to find and of course will bring greater traffic. How to be listed on a search engine is actually quite easy, although you can not turn your site to go to the first page of the search index. 
Things - things that must be met
To be able to get listed in search engines, your website must meet several requirements of the following:

  • Website must contain a text element,  Search engines read the non-binary file on your website. Text - the text contained in it will be stored in a database search engine that will appear in the search with the keywords that are relevant to the content. We do not recommend making a full website in flash because the current search engine technology can not read flash files
  • Complete the header on each page, Header consisting of the title, meta description, meta keywords and must be filled with words - words that are relevant to the content of the website. This further allows search engines to store the contents of your web pages in its database.
  • Create all the pages with the complete, Before you start registering your website on search engines, please create a whole page with the full. There must be no deadlink. Usually the search engines is not much reference to the search results on the website that there are still many deadlink.
  • We create a sitemap, To simplify the search engines find the page - the page on your website, create a sitemap that contains links to all pages in the website.
  • Add alt tags on image links, Alt tag on images that relate (a link) will allow search engines to mengcrawl intended page by the link.

Register on Google
Google has many facilities to register the website and put it in its search index. To register a website on Google can choose one of the ways listed on page:
Usually for a new website, you are advised to register through

Register at Yahoo
To register your site on Yahoo, it can be done through:

REMEMBER! There is no guarantee
Keep in mind that there is no guarantee your site will go to the search index of Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. Each - each search engine has a selection mechanism, crawling, and indexing are different - different.

The easiest way to enter in the search index is through the link. Add a link to your website from another website pages - pages have been entered into the search index.

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BrianBrien said...

link anda sudah saya pasang jg

link blog sy diganti dong sama gambar yg lebih kecil, yg itu terlalu besar. Kode HTML.nya sudah saya ganti jadi mohon copy-pastekan kembali. Jangan lupa follow blog saya

Agus_ajah said...

Yeah, a blog owners should to promote their blogs to search engines.
Nice tips :)

Yu-dY`s zone™ said...

I've added my site there.
btw any other directories to promote my site?

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