Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Microsoft Query

Microsoft query is a program that used to take external data into Office applications, particularly Excel. Thus, if there is an external data to be analyzed or processed with Excel, you do not need to type reset the data in Excel, but enough to give query command to import external data into the sheetExcel.
Usually when you install Microsoft Office 2007 (including Excel), then the Microsoft Query automatically installed and are Addin, so when you want to use it, then the Office (Excel) would be to call for you. In the previous chapters, we've studied the query and SQL applied when we import external data. In section this, we will learn to use Microsoft Query to perform query against external data, with options and facilities a fairly complete and varied. Please note that the fact SQL commands in Microsoft Query is tantamount to SQL we have learned.  
There are a few tips and tricks as well as Certain techniques can be used to make Microsoft Query with a variety of sophisticated techniques.Please also note that Microsoft Query can be used to perform query on almost any database format, either local database or database server. In this book will only discussed the use of Microsoft Query to query the database in Access format.

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