Friday, October 8, 2010

Koprol Twitter Indonesia

Those who already have an account, perhaps a bit stale yes, I've discussed this a local social networking? But never mind, it might be useful to others. His name is quite interesting, Koprol, if in the dutch language header = head, roll = salto. salto?Even more incredibly, not like facebook, somerset very easily accessible via mobile phone.

Koprol is a social networking based on the location designated for the city - the city in Indonesia, told the location of fellow users Koprol. Koprol and connecting fellow users who are in the same place. This social networking location-based method. Here, mobile users can be like a GPS without a GPS application from the phone itself.Koprol provides a number of options where users can check in at that location. Once logged in, here the user can see who the other members who were in the same location.

In Indonesian cities - cities that have been able to enjoy these applications are Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Surabaya, Surakarta, Sidoarjo, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surakarta, Bengkulu, Medan, Banda Aceh, Palembang, Makassar, Balikpapan, Cirebon, Papua, as well as foreign countries such as Singapore, Houston, Indianapolis. And will be increased as time goes on, exactly when Koprol would leave the status of 'beta'nya

The history of somerset began in July 2008, started from the usual web 2.0 Koprol team who then developed into something else. Finally in February 2009 SkyEight Koprol launched by PT Indonesia. The idea gained a combined concepts from various social networking sites like Lifestream emerging models such as Twitter, Plurk systems such comments, and location systems like Brightkite. Shaped like an emerging Micro-blogging lately. Microblog a speedy way is the simplest form of a blog that allows for Internet users who are traveling to still be able to write brief text updates that are usually less than 200 characters and make them public.

After having an account in Koprol, users can operate each be in a location. By way of masu into Koprol by selecting the location where the user is located, then fill in the status that allows users to exchange information with other Koprol users. Users can find out where other users are said to exchange status and photos to video. But because this version is still in beta form, the flexibility is limited because users still have to get invitations from other users, and only then can create an account in Koprol.
The details contained in Koprol are as follows:

In Koprol have menus available to provide comfort for the user:
Place in Koprol that displays all the latest activities of all users who were in the same location as the owner of the account in question. It also displays all the applications that are owned Koprol, this is the most frequently visited pages.

User Profile
Displays the user name, website address, as well as images themselves are useful for other users to identify who the owner of the account.

Showing profile - user profile Koprol else has become friends with your user. And similar to the features on Twitter, there are 4 tabs in this menu, namely: Followers, contains other users who follow the development of the relevant users; Following, contains other users selected by the user concerned to follow its development, as well as Entourage, which is that its users Koproalready familiar and close. Users can decide who will be put into each category are available.

Displaying the place - a place where users often visit, and is a favorite destination user. The election of a particular location a favorite location can be viewed from anywhere is usually a user into KoprolA user's favorite locations to be used for discussion with other Koprol users.

The facility is used to surprise the user to instantly check if there is demand for a new friend, so the process of adding friends can take place quickly.

People Search
Function to search for other users who we know details of this information, such as a screen name or full name.

Used to invite friends - friends Koprol users concerned. Here, in addition to using e-mail addresses of users, the address sought to work with Facebook, which is using up our contacts in the account and then sent via electronic mail for an invitation to join in Koprol.

Send a message directly to users with the starting post with 'to' followed by a colon and the name of the intended user. Special nature and can not be read publicly.

Friends & Nearby
There on the front page, showing users Koprol friends and other users who are in the same location.

Me and My Friends
In this feature, the timeline contained in the Home we will be filtered according to 2 (two) options, namely Commented and Mentioned. Commented on the note choice of users who have given comments by other Koprol users, while the choice Mentioned, will appear writings - writings from other Koprol users who write the username in question. And in the right frame there is a list of friends, random tip contains tips entered by other users in connection with the activities of consumerism, and reviews from friends contains reviews from various locations that have been visited by friends of users.

Phone Features
User Koprol would more often use Koprol via cell phone, because the user is a person who dinamis.Aplikasi very useful for mobile phone users are:

Auto Check-in
It is a simple way to log in once to choose a place where users are located. Can be used when users need to access where he is quick.

Navigation Map
Map showing the location where the user is located, will appear the same as the user is using Koprol properly on the PC. That is an image map of the area where the user logged in, and are shown in the surrounding area as well, so it can function as a direction.

Koprol on BlackBerry
This application enables BlackBerry users get the ease of use features in the BlackBerry Koprol appropriate. The user can directly use the BlackBerry browser by adding m front of the paper, such as:

Delivery to Twitter
tu mePengguna Koprol accommodated to be able to send status updates to Twitter.By the way Twitter yainggunakan symbol

Delivery to Facebook
Users who have accounts on facebook can get information from Koprol, and vice versa through wall application on facebook. Through this wall, any updates on somerset account users will be informed by up which allows the spread of information about Koprol in the world up. In addition to the wall, status Koprol users can automatically update the status on Facebook, after beforehand to set the settings on 

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