Friday, November 26, 2010

Bacteria to Improve the Way Concrete

Researchers in Britain are ready to take advantage of the ability of bacteria that could grow quickly to cover the holes in the roads made of concrete. After completing a long study, scientists from the University of Newcastle said that in the near future they could assign the bacteria they studied to do so. 
The scientists optimize small microbe to produce a framework that is BacillaFilla rod-shaped bacterial very hard reinforced by calcium carbonate and 'glue' special bacterial. 

Interestingly, these bacteria have origins very close to Bacillus subtilis, or a bacterium commonly found in soil.  When the creature that has been genetically modified is in contact with the hole or crack that has a specific pH in the concrete, they will germinate and enter into it and start breeding. At a certain point, bacterial colonies are genetically programmed that it will destroy myself for not even damage the concrete in question. 

As a result, bacterial artificial patches were reported as strong with patches of normal concrete. Jennifer Hallinan, one of the researchers of University of Newcastle, England said, the material made by bacteria is very valuable. Not only for the streets, but also the buildings. Especially buildings that have been ingested or earthquake rocked age. "Looking for ways to extend the life of the building means we can reduce the environmental impact and find sustainable solutions," said Hallinan, as quoted by DailyTech, 26 November 2010. 

Hallinan said the concrete patches of bacteria were also very useful in areas where earthquakes frequently threatened and forced local authorities to destroy the building that mengalmi damage because there is no easy way to fix cracks and makes the building come back strong. 

The findings of Hallinan and his team presented at the event Biology Conference. Notes about the findings you can download here.

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