Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Lola (Regine Velasquez), a girl of 16, won a scholarship at a famous high school in Perth, Australia. Lola never thought that Perth would change his life. Starting from a friend of one apartment which later became the most hated girl Lola, called Tiwi (Michella Princess); a new friend named Ari (Petra Sihombing); until ... a guy named Dhani (Derby Romero).

Dhani, a senior student, tajir and cool. His relationship with Lola as dogs and cats, and later became a close friend of Lola Lola to even make love.

But when they grow closer and Lola began to love Dhani, Dhani would disappoint him. Dhani attitude, arrogance, selfishness, all actions are only to take advantage of Lola for his own pleasure, causing Lola failed in the lesson. Lola is too busy taking care of temporary Dhani Dhani too busy taking care of herself. Lola decided to stay away from Dhani, when then Ari that began falling in love with Lola.

At the time gaps that relationship, Dhani began to miss Lola and realize that sebenanrnya he loved her.

But now there Ari.

Lola had to choose. Ari or Dhani ... to find true love in a town called Perth.

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Andi Wong said...

Salam kenal jg Hany.. sy dah FOLLOW.. ngantian ya.. ;)

btw kayaknya tuh film bagus ya.. wa carii aaaah DVD-nya

mie said...

bagus nya citer ni..

Watch or Download 2010 Movies Online said...

I really like to reading your post..Interesting ..

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