Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stanford Students Fly in Zero Gravity

Researchers from Stanford University recently completed its first test flight in zero gravity. The trial was conducted in the canopy CubeSats, small satellites, driving a big satellite rockets into orbit delivery of the specified. 

The purpose of this trial is to collect data and learn about what happens when small stones meteoroids crashing into the satellite while gliding in space. Because the collisions between satellites and meteoroids frequently disabling electronic equipment in space satellites. 

The researchers assume oversight of the canopy could be a first step by creating a kind of "black box" for satellites launched aka. Similar to a black box that belongs to the aircraft, the box is placed in the control room to find out what happens when something foreign objects collide with the satellite. 

Creating and investing in satellites orbiting the earth is not a little risky business.Especially if you know there are more than 100 billion meteoroids enter the atmosphere every day. Although devastated when crossing the atmosphere, but small stones meteoroids remain dangerous for satellites. 

Indeed, what happens if a very small meteoroids collide with the satellite is not known how much impact. However, Stanford researchers have successfully performed initial testing of a device that can help explain the impact of these collisions on the control room. 

A number of researchers from Stanford is not actually fly into space. They fly with aircraft which control the space zero gravity and floating above the ocean for a certain period. 

The group of researchers is led by Nicolas Lee, a graduate student in the field of aviation and astronotika. He shared some of his colleagues designed a canopy of small satellite, called CubeSat. 

"The canopy was later deployed to protect the spacecraft from meteoroids to shield satellites from solar radiation," said Lee. "But, for now, we just want to prove the performance of these devices." 

The results of this trial, a Stanford student innovation, are likely to be implemented throughout the rocket to fly satellites into space.Because, see the risk of collisions between small meteoroids are moving with extraordinary speed in orbit around the Sun (about 250,000 kilometers / hour) and so is a large satellite. 

"Conflicts that would create a very powerful explosion," said Lee. However, since no special equipment to monitor as well as controlling the satellite, so until now there is no one knows exactly how this collision damage the satellite body. (TechSpace)

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