Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Large gaping holes in Germany

Residents of a small town in Germany on Monday morning, November 1, 2010, was startled by the rumbling sound that occurred in front of their home. When out, they were surprised to find an absurdly large gaping hole in the middle of residential complex.

According to news agency Associated Press, a hole that resembles a crater 30 meters in diameter and has a depth of up to 20 meters. This incident allegedly occurred overnight in a complex in the town of Schmalkalden, Thuringia state.

Make that big hole missing part of the road, a car which plunged as well as a garage door residents. Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident. While the other cars depending on the edge of the hole.

Police came after residents reported a loud rumbling sound at 3 in the morning. Fear happens again the formation of holes on the outskirts, police evacuated six houses consisting of 25 people.

Officials from the city's geological agency, Lutz Katschmann, not sure what causes the formation of the hole. But chances are, he said, the hole formed by rock formations consisting of limestone, rock salt and calcium sulfate are eroded by water, thus creating a large cavity that led to the landslide.

"We, geologists, believe that this is a naturally occurring hole. But we do not know for sure what caused it, " Katschmann.

Katschmann said that 20 smaller holes formed in Thuringia each year. He said that the only way to mangatasi this is to patch the hole using gravel.

Such a big hole not only in Germany.Residents in the capital of Guatemala last June shocked by the existence of a hole diameter of 20 meters and berkedalaman nearly 30 meters, which gaped at a crossroads.

The location of the new pit is located two kilometers from similar holes formed three years ago. 
The hole is created in 2007 killed three people and swallowed several homes in the same region.

Large hole was also hit Quebec City, Canada and Milwaukee, the United States.

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